NASA presents: ‘American Responses to the Holocaust: Transatlantic Perspectives’

Holocaust Boek Front

We are pleased to announce that the book “American Responses to the Holocaust; Transatlantic Perspectives,” edited by Hans Krabbendam (Catholic Documentation Centre) and Derek Rubin (Utrecht University) has been published.

This publication grew out of an international conference organized by the Netherlands American Studies Associations, the Belgium and Luxembourg American Studies Association, the Institute of Jewish Studies at the University of Antwerp, the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg, and the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation and Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

The book puts the topic of Jewish Studies and Holocaust Studies in a new American Studies perspective. This perspective compares similarities and differences in responses and their transatlantic interaction. As the Holocaust grew into an important factor in American culture, it also became a subject of American Studies , both as a window on American Trends and as a topic to which outsiders responded. When Americans responded to information on the early signs of the Holocaust, they were dependent on European official and informal sources. Some were confirmed, others were contradicted; some were ignored, others provoked a response. The book follows this transatlantic exchange, including the alleged abandonment of the Jews in Europe and the post-war attention to the Holocaust victims.

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