Netherlands American Studies Association

Call for Papers! Netherlands American Studies Review 2024 no. 2

The Netherlands American Studies Review is the student journal of the Netherlands American Studies Association (NASA). First published in the Spring of 2020, the Netherlands American Studies Review aims to showcase excellent student work from Dutch universities related to North American history, politics, literature, culture, and society. We are now accepting submissions for the 2024 no.2 edition of the review.


Submission Guidelines

We welcome papers written by bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students from Dutch universities. Students do not have to be enrolled in an American Studies program, but submissions must be relevant to at least one of the (sub)fields mentioned above. Recent graduates can send in work written in the last two years. Students can submit either book reviews (500-700 words) or papers (2000-5000 words). Papers may be based on a thesis, as long as they are shortened to meet the word limit.

All submissions must meet the following requirements:

● Submissions must include your name, university, the title of the course and program you wrote it for, and the year in which you wrote this paper.

● All papers submitted must include an abstract. This abstract must be on a separate page from the body of the article and may not be longer than 250 words.

● Texts must meet the word count mentioned above, references included.

● All authors must use Chicago Style with endnotes (!) for citations. If you are unfamiliar with this style, please consult

● Documents must be submitted in Word format (.doc or .docx).

● Texts must be written in American English. Please check your text for spelling and grammar before submitting.

Please email submissions to before September 27, 2024. We make a selection of papers after this deadline and will get back to you by late March. Once we have accepted your paper, we will start the editorial process. During this process, you are expected to improve and adjust your paper in consultation with one of our editors. If you are curious about our previous issues, please check