Netherlands American Studies Association

Dissidence, A Student Conference on Gender & Sexuality, May 8th

May 8, 2020, second year sociology students of the University of Amsterdam will be holding a conference on gender and sexuality at the University of Amsterdam.The theme of the conference is dissidence in gender and sexuality. This is a student-led event, and this is a call upon other students to participate as speakers at the conference. It can be an opportunity to have your first experience in giving academic presentations, and a stepping stone if you’re interested in pursuing a career in academia. 

Dissidence from normative conceptions of gender and sexuality are experienced daily by a wide variety of individuals and communities. The dichotomy of “the dissident” versus “the normative” will be examined, and what it entails. The conference puts the dissident at the forefront, and contributors will discuss and describe dissidence that they are familiar with, whether it be purely academic, more personal, or a mixture of the two.

The aim of this conference is to bring more voices to the table and show that there is a vast array of topics that can be covered by the theme alone. Let us open up conversations around topics such as normal vs. abnormal, deviance, LGBTQ+ and queer communities, postcolonial sexualities, asexuality, (unavailable)intersectional methodologies, and queer slang.

For more information, see their Call for Papers