Netherlands American Studies Association

Event: The Day After: Maarten van Rossem & Laila Frank with Russell Shorto, Kim Wehle, Thomas Frank, Arun Chaudhary & Daniel Ziblatt

On November 4th, the day after the upcoming US Elections 2020, the John Adams Institute is organizing a live online event with several commentators – many of whom you may have seen at the John Adams before – to hear their thoughts and reflections on the undoubtedly turbulent events of the day before. We don’t assume that there will be an outcome yet, but there will be plenty to talk about.

Our moderator Laila Frank and her co-host Maarten van Rossem, both America-experts, will talk for 15 to 20 minutes with:

Russell Shorto, writer, journalist en former director of the John Adams
Kim Wehle, expert on the US Constitution. Her most recent book is What You Need To Know About Voting-and Why
Thomas Frank, political analyst and author
Arun Chaudhary, Campaign Advisor, President Obama’s videographer and creative digital director of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign
Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard professor and author of How Democracies Die

The event will be broadcast online, and you can submit questions, via the John Adams Institute YouTube Live channel and via their website.