Netherlands American Studies Association

Ivo Daalder: On 75 years of NATO and the Transatlantic Bond

September 16, 2024, 8PM – 10PM

In Washington D.C. this July, NATO cautiously celebrates its 75th anniversary. With war raging on its Eastern front since 2022, and a potential conflict with China in the Indo-Pacific, NATO faces immense challenges. But these tribulations – looming conflict, a polluted global information ecosystem, threats posed by terrorism and even climate change – are also opportunities for the world’s longest-lasting alliance.

Where is NATO headed, and how will U.S. politics shape America’s future role in the alliance, especially if Donald Trump—if elected—refuses to uphold NATO’s Article 5? In order to understand new developments in transatlantic security, the John Adams Institute and the Netherlands Atlantic Association are keen to welcome Ivo Daalder, CEO of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the permanent U.S. representative to NATO under President Barack Obama. Read More

Moderator: Sophie Derkzen
In collaboration with: Netherlands Atlantic Association

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