Netherlands American Studies Association

NASA Directory

Sandra Becker20th- and 21st-Century U.S. Popular Culture (particular Television and TV Series), Men and Masculinity Studies, Gender Studies and Intersectional Theory, Audience Reception Studies

George Blaustein: U.S. cultural and literary history

Albertine Bloemendal: U.S. foreign policy and the history of transatlantic relations.

Heleen Blommers: U.S. History, Social and Economic History, War on Poverty, U.S. Domestic Policy, U.S. Welfare, and Rhetoric

Paul Brennan: U.S. Political and Reform Movements

Shu-Chien Chen: Tax Law

Debby Esmeé De VlugtBlack Power Movement

Mark Leon De Vries: Civil War and Reconstruction, (Electoral) politics, race relations, anti-Americanism, Supreme court, (neo)conservatism, civil rights

Dario Fazzi: U.S. foreign policy history, cold war, transatlantic relations, peace history

Annemieke GalemaMigration to the USA 19th and 20th century. Innovation and impact in academic surroundings

Andrew GawthorpeAmerican foreign and security policy, American political/diplomatic history, contemporary American politics

Tanja Groenendijk-De Vos: U.S. Political System, US Elections, Transatlantic Relations, Pilgrims who left from Rotterdam, Transatlantic migrants, who left from Rotterdam, US Supreme Court, Early NL/US business relations, How the US States got their shapes

Roberta N. Haar: International Relations

Marian Janssen: American Studies, literature, poetry, biography

Tim Jelfs: U.S. culture, literature and politics in the 20th and 21st centuries

Hans Krabbendam: Religie, migratie

Frank Mehring: Transatlantic Transfer, German-American Encounters/Confrontations, Marshall Plan, American Music, American visual culture (film and art)

Marietta MessmerMigration Studies and Migration Theory; Political and Cultural Relations between Latin America and the U.S.;  Comparative U.S.-EU Border Studies

Viola F. Müller: Runaway slaves in the urban US South

Celia NijdamFederal Theatre Project, American Literature and Culture

Damian Allen Pargas: Slavery, African-American History, History of the US South

Sara Polak: Presidential media, 20th and 21st American literature and culture, memory studies, social media, comics studies

Nicole E. Reith: Literature, African-American Literature, and Culture

Kathryn RobertsAmerican Literature, American Studies

Mathilde Roza: Canadian and US American literature; North-American Indigenous Studies; transatlantic public diplomacy

William Michael SchmidliU.S. foreign relations history, U.S. political history, human rights history

Timotheus TapU.S. Foreign Relations

Anita van Adelsbergen: Translations, interpreting, (tv) journalist, presenter, conference chair, seminar speaking

Jorrit Van den BerkAmerican foreign policy, Transatlantic relations, public diplomacy, American history, American politics

Bert Van Ravenhorst: The United States in the 1960s, especially poverty. I did research on The War on Poverty

Guido Van Rijn: African-American blues and gospel music

Jaap VerheulTransatlantic Relations, American studies

Laura Visser-MaessenBlack history and activism in U.S. and trans-Atlantic context