Netherlands American Studies Association

NASA Directory

NASA is a diverse community. Its members come from different academic fields and cultural backgrounds. This directory gives a snapshot of such a variety and helps to grasp “who’s who” in the Dutch American Studies scene.

Adelsbergen, Anita van:
Translations, interpreting, (tv) journalist, presenter, conference chair, seminar speaking

Becker, Sandra:
20th- and 21st-Century U.S. Popular Culture (particular Television and TV Series), Men and Masculinity Studies, Gender Studies and Intersectional Theory, Audience Reception Studies

Berk, Jorrit van den:
American foreign policy, Transatlantic relations, public diplomacy, American history, American politics

Blaustein, George:
U.S. cultural and literary history

Bloemendal, Albertine:
U.S. foreign policy and the history of transatlantic relations.

Blommers, Heleen:
U.S. History, Social and Economic History, War on Poverty, U.S. Domestic Policy, U.S. Welfare, and Rhetoric

Brennan, Paul:
U.S. Political and Reform Movements

Chen, Shu-Chien:
Tax Law

Ellethy, Manar:
Cultural studies, intersection between American visual culture and politics

Fazzi, Dario:
U.S. foreign policy history, cold war, transatlantic relations, peace history

Galema, Annemieke:
Migration to the USA 19th and 20th century. Innovation and impact in academic surroundings

Gawthorpe, Andrew:
American foreign and security policy, American political/diplomatic history, contemporary American politics

Groenendijk-de Vos, Tanja:
U.S. Political System, US Elections, Transatlantic Relations, Pilgrims who left from Rotterdam, Transatlantic migrants, who left from Rotterdam, US Supreme Court, Early NL/US business relations, How the US States got their shapes

Haar, Roberta N.:
International Relations

Janssen, Marian:
American Studies, literature, poetry, biography

Jelfs, Tim:
U.S. culture, literature and politics in the 20th and 21st centuries

Krabbendam, Hans:
Religie, migratie

Martinez, Anne M:
U.S.-Mexican relations, U.S.-Mexico border, Catholicism, Catholic Missionary Work with People of Colour, Nationalism, Race

Mehring, Frank:
Transatlantic Transfer, German-American Encounters/Confrontations, Marshall Plan, American Music, American visual culture (film and art)

Müller, Viola F.:
Runaway slaves in the urban US South

Nijdam, Celia:
Federal Theatre Project, American Literature and Culture

Pargas, Damian Allen:
Slavery, African-American History, History of the US South

Polak, Sara:
Presidential media, 20th and 21st American literature and culture, memory studies, social media, comics studies

van Ravenhorst, Bert:
The United States in the 1960s, especially poverty. I did research on The War on Poverty

Rijn, Guido van:
African-American blues and gospel music

Roberts, Kathryn:
American Literature, American Studies

Roza, Mathilde:
Canadian and US American literature; North-American Indigenous Studies; transatlantic public diplomacy

Schmidli, William Michael:
U.S. foreign relations history, U.S. political history, human rights history

Schute, Marcella:
The history of slavery and African-American history

Tap, Timotheus:
U.S. Foreign Relations

Verheul, Jaap:
Transatlantic Relations, American studies

Visser-Maessen, Laura:
Black history and activism in U.S. and trans-Atlantic context

Vlugt, Debby Esmeé de:
Black Power Movement

Vries, Mark Leon de:
Civil War and Reconstruction, (Electoral) politics, race relations, anti-Americanism, Supreme court, (neo)conservatism, civil rights

Early & 19th-century American literature; early African American literature; American Studies; circum-Atlantic periodicals & print culture.

Zwiers, Maarten:
Rural Studies, History and culture of the (contemporary) U.S. South