Netherlands American Studies Association

NASA Fellowship

The NASA fellowship is a 6000.- € grant, available each year to NASA members, meant to strengthen and promote American Studies in the Netherlands. Funded by the U.S. Embassy, it is open to recent graduates and PhD candidates. The recipient of the Fellowship will act as an official NASA ambassador throughout the country and will work as NASA cultural agent within and beyond the academy. The grantee will be asked to give public talks, deliver lectures and coordinate a series of educational activities aimed at reaching out to current and prospective students in American Studies. In doing so, the grantee will contribute to reinforcing the study of US history, politics, culture and society throughout the Netherlands.

NASA fellow 2019: Laura op de Beke


The main goal of the Fellowship is to foster the academic and public relevance of American
Studies in the Netherlands. To achieve it, the grantee will set up their own teaching strategies,
materials, and best practices. Depending on the proposal, the grantee’s task may include:

  • Implementing lesson plans and delivering lectures that explain the scope and contemporary relevance of American Studies, along with the career opportunities of the field;
  • Participating in different national American Studies programs’ promotional events as NASA ambassador;
  • Interacting with the Dutch diplomatic community and other public and private transatlantic stakeholders;
  • Setting-up and maintaining a Dutch-American Studies alumni network;
  • Organizing public events, symposia and/or workshops;
  • Cooperating with (American) visiting scholars and researchers;
  • Enhancing the use of ICT and social media in American Studies;
  • Designing forms of institutional cooperation (e.g. internship programs, exhibitions, etc.) with museums, research centers, and other related cultural outlets.

By the end of the project, the grantee will be requested to write a final report of the activities
carried out during the Fellowship.