Netherlands American Studies Association

NASA General Meeting

During the last board meeting and after years of diligent service, NASA president George Blaustein, secretary Tim Jelfs and treasurer Dario Fazzi resigned from their functions to make way for the next generation. In compliance with our statute, they asked the board to appoint a new steering committee. Unanimously, the board designated Markha Valenta as new president and Albertine Bloemendal as the new secretary, while it has confirmed Dario Fazzi as treasurer. 

According to the statute, the board invites any NASA member to ratify its decision through an online general meeting. Such a meeting will take place on Friday, October 23, 2020, at 2pm. NASA members got the link to it via email. If you haven’t received the link or want to register for a short intervention, please send an email by October 23, 2020, at noon, to