Netherlands American Studies Association

NASA Partnerships

John Adams Institute

We are pleased to announce that thanks to a NASA-JAI cooperation, NASA members will be able to buy discount tickets to the events organized by the John Adams Institute in Amsterdam.

Roosevelt Institute for American Studies

The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS), located in Middelburg, is the Netherlands’ preeminent archive, research center, and graduate school for the study of American history and transatlantic relations. The RIAS conducts and facilitates world-class research on the United States and its place in the world; supports doctoral postgraduate and early-career scholars in the humanities; and organizes academic, educational, and public activities aimed at the study of America in all its facets and from transatlantic perspectives.

BuZa-NASA Cooperation

The Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands (BuZa) and NASA often cooperate in their efforts to better understand United States policies and culture. Policy makers can benefit greatly from regular interaction with representatives from the private sector, the academic community and others with an interest in international relations. Such contacts also create transparency about the ministery’s activities and the policy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in a number of foreign policy areas. The Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs is always keen to reach out to interested parties, freely offering their expertise, anecdotes and insights. They are happy to share their work and thoughts with you at any public events, meetings or debates that you may be organizing and that you feel we could contribute to. In exchange they would enjoy learning from your and your audience’s knowledge and perspectives. If you are interested in enlisting one of their staff for a forthcoming discussion or event, feel free to contact: