Netherlands American Studies Association

Netherlands American Studies Review 2023 no. 2

The Editorial Committee of the Netherlands American Studies Review is happy to announce that the 2023 no. 2 issue is online now and can be found here.

In the second issue of 2023, you will find six carefully selected pieces that reflect the topical diversity and interdisciplinary nature of our field in the Netherlands. These papers were written by students in different stages of their higher education, ranging from the early stages of their bachelor’s to the final stages of their master’s.

We are thankful for all the students who sent us their work, for the editors who worked tirelessly to select and fine-tune these papers, and, of course, for the NASA Board, which has supported us throughout the process. We are proud of the final product and hope it will inspire you as much as it did us.

On behalf of the Editorial Board

Christine Mertens, Editor-in-Chief
Romy Metz
Rajae el Morabet Belhaj
Kirsten Soer
Nicolas Turner
Job Wester
Pip van der Zanden

Academic Coordinator
Dr. William Michael Schmidli (Leiden University)