Netherlands American Studies Association

Research and Writing Support Seminar

The NASA is pleased to offer a very informal bi-annual (Spring/Fall) research and writing support seminar (R&W Seminar). The Seminar will take place in May and November. The goal is to provide a space and place for people working on an American History or American Studies research paper for a course or a larger project (i.e., Senior Research Project; BA, MA or PhD Thesis), to exchange ideas and experiences, and provide clear and critical feedback on work in progress. The format is a very relaxed interactive discussion. The time frame is 90 minutes. If you are interested in joining the Fall R&W Seminar on 24 November at 16:00, send your project description and questions of no more than 3 pages to Nancy Mykoff at by Nov.8, 2021. The project description and questions should include the following.

  1. Topic; Research Question/ Thesis Statement
  2. Approach
  • Selected Bibliography (divided into primary and secondary sources)
  1. Questions/Challenges/Concerns.