Research : Culture / Literature

Library of Congress
An essential site for anyone interested in anything American.

Electronic Text Center
Veritable treasure trove of historical American fiction and documents.

Modern American Poetry
Lots of handy analyses of poems by modern American poets.

Guide to American Studies Resources
Plethora of links with relevant information about fellowships, grants, internships and what-not.

H-Amstdy Discussion Network
Keep informed and talk along with the American Studies community on H-Net.

The Internet Archive
Includes text, music, image, and moving picture databases.

Aboriginal Links Canada and the US
Truly exhaustive collection of links referring to documents by and about Canadian Aboriginals and Native Americans, including texts of original treaties and proclamations, legal acts from the 17th to the 21st century, information about individual tribes, centres, projects and university programs.

Farmworker Movement Documentation Project
Background information (including an excellent collection of original photographs, audio and video clips) on César Chavez’s Farmworker    Movement and its function as precursor of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement.

Xroads Virginia Hypertext Project
Full online texts of many American authors.

Emily Dickinson Electronic Archives
Resources about the 19th-century poet and her manuscripts.

Visual Documents and Resources for the Teaching and Study of American Culture and Life