StudentNASAStudentNASA is the student branch of NASA. We work to aim to create and sustain a community of American Studies students on a national level, connecting students from all the universities offering programs or courses in American Studies to exchange knowledge and expand our network. Additionally, we also represent American Studies students at NASA events and meetings and strive to connect students to the network of Americanists in the Netherlands and beyond. All of this we do through organizing our own events, StudentNASA Days as well as study trips, and keeping students up to date on relevant events and news.

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 StudentNASA Board 2016-2017

Laura op de Beke : President & Leiden Representative

Laura op de Beke

President & Leiden Representative

I’m Laura op de Beke, a recent graduate of North American Studies at Leiden University. I am still enrolled for my second master’s degree in Literary Studies and writing a thesis on ecology in video games. As of September I became the president of LUNAS, the Leiden University North American Studies association which I am really excited about. This year I’m also serving as president for StudentNASA, picking up where the previous board left off and making the most of the year to come.
Mila Miedema : Secretary & Amsterdam Representative

Mila Miedema

Secretary & Amsterdam Representative

My name is Mila Miedema and I’m currently in the last semester of the Bachelor track American studies at the University of Amsterdam. This academic year I am the commissioner of external affairs on the board of the Amsterdam Americanist Society. As the secretary of StudentNASA my goal is to support the board in as many ways as possible. During the following year I hope that StudentNASA will connect students of American studies on a national level.
Ibrahim Alaoui : Treasurer & Nijmegen Representative

Ibrahim Alaoui

Treasurer & Nijmegen Representative

My name is Ibrahim Alaoui and I am in my second year of the BA American Studies at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Like my brilliant predecessor Lisa, I am also the treasurer of the study association USA Nijmegen. USA Nijmegen organizes activities that are both fun and interesting and it was at the very inspirational "Life After American Studies" sNASA day, which was held in Nijmegen last year, when I first came in to contact with the StudentNASA. My goal for this year is to organize more events like these to inspire people from all over the Netherlands and to bring them together at the fun and interesting activities StudentNASA is known for.
Isa Peters : Groningen Representative

Isa Peters

Groningen Representative

I am Isa Peters, and I am currently in my second year of the BA American Studies with a minor in International Relations at the University of Groningen. As a member of the StudentNASA board, I will represent all American Studies students in Groningen and our American Studies study association EPU. I am looking forward to do more with American Studies this year, and I want to get more people excited about the study. I hope it's going to be a great year with a lot of amazing events for American Studies students!