Netherlands American Studies Association

Lecture by Tiya Miles: The Remarkable Story of Ashley’s Sack 

JUNE 17, 2024, 8PM-10PM


In South Carolina in the 1850s, an enslaved woman named Rose gives a simple cotton bag to her daughter Ashley. Ashley is about to be separated from her mother, sold as chattel to the highest bidder. The bag contains all her worldly possessions, and precious reminders about her family. From Harvard historian and National Book Award-winning author Tiya Miles comes All That She Carried. Blending first-class historical research and literary creativity, Miles traces Ashley’s Sack through the ages, and with it, the story of a Black family during slavery, and of a people and a nation. Read More

The evening keynote talk is the annual John Adams-Fulbright Commission lecture. We will be joined in-person by former John Adams director Russell Shorto and digitally by Secretary of the Smithsonian Lonnie G. Bunch III. Earlier in the day, Het Scheepvaartmuseum is hosting a conference for scholars from around the world on how to present challenging histories.

Moderator: Jennifer Tosch
In collaboration with: Het Scheepvaartmuseum, U.S Embassy The Hague, Fulbright Commission the Netherlands & Singel Uitgeverijen