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Vacancy: PhD Position in Transatlantic Environmental History at the University of Leiden (1.0 FTE)

The Institute of History at the University of Leiden invites applications for a PhD postition in Transatlantic Environmental History.

Within the contexts of the two interrelated LUIH Starting Grant projects, “Re-Scaling Security” specifically aims to examine the rise in cooperation among local environmental activist networks across the Atlantic, spotlighting original narratives of environmental security that have emerged over recent decades. This PhD project is meant to add fresh historical perspectives on socio-ecological threats and innovative concepts of environmental governance, particularly the ones related to bodies of water. While transnational organizations have been extensively studied, local environmental activism has not received comparable historiographical focus. The project should identify and analyze the exchanges between local environmentalist groups and organizations operating within western democratic systems so to enable further exploration of their role in reconfiguring patterns – and limits – of contemporary environmental democracy.

The deadline is 21 April 2024. For more information, check the University of Leiden website.