Netherlands American Studies Association



March 28th
Jennifer Carlson: Democracy by Bullet? (JAI, Amsterdam)

April 4th-6th
EAAS Conference 2024: The American Immigrant Narrative Revisited (Amerikahaus, Munich)

April 11th
Roosevelt Lecture by Iwan Morgan on FDR: America’s Greatest President (Middelburg)

April 23rd
Yaël Eisenstat: Democracy’s Cyber Defendant (JAI, Amsterdam)

April 29th
Seminar Series on Modern North American History, Rubbish Tactics? Oil Spills, Beach Clean-Ups, and the Making of Modern Environmentalism (1969-2023) by Elsa Devienne (RIAS & SciencesPo, Online)

May 8th
PhD Defense: Debby Esmeé de Vlugt

May 13th
Seminar Series on Modern North American History, From Planning to Strategy: New Deal Liberalism and the Invention of National Security by Andrew Preston (RIAS & SciencesPo, Online)

June 14th
Amerikanistendag 2024 (Leiden University)

October 31st-November 1st
2024 NASA Conference: Democracy in Action: Radical Cultures, Protest Movements & Resistance in the Americas (Utrecht)