Netherlands American Studies Association

Amerikanistendag 2019 in Groningen Program

This year the annual NASA Student Conference will be held on Friday 7 June 2019 at the University of Groningen.

The Amerikanistendag is an annual student conference organized by the Netherlands American Studies Association. The conference serves as a forum for students and recent graduates at the BA, MA, Research Master, and PhD level to present their research to fellow students and scholars in the Netherlands.

The day will also include the award ceremony for the Theodore Roosevelt American History Award, a prestigious prize for the best MA thesis in American history and/or American Studies in the Netherlands.

You can register for the Amerikanistendag by sending an email to with your name and university affiliation by Friday 31 May. You can also still register for the conference dinner and/or couch surfing scheme using this link.

The Amerikanistendag 2019 will be held at:

University of Groningen
Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen

Please find the program for the Amerikanistendag 2019 below:

09.45-10.05                        Registration/Coffee & Tea

10.05-10.10                        Welcome (Laura Bieger, Groningen)
10.10-10.15                        Opening (George Blaustein, NASA/Amsterdam)
Marie Lokezaal

10.15-10.45                        Presentation Theodore Roosevelt American History Award
Dario Fazzi, (RIAS, chair of the TRAHA jury 2019)
Marie Lokezaal

10.45-11.15                        Keynote Address:
“The Ragged Edges of the Nation: Shoring Up the Border in the Age of Trump” (Anne M. Martínez, Groningen)
Marie Lokezaal

11.15-11.30                       Coffee Break

11.30-12.45                       Parallel Panel Session 1 (Panels 1, 2, 3)

Panel 1 – Room 1312.0024

Diego Casas Vellaso (Groningen), “The Pocket Revolution: A Comparison Between Political Podcasters in US and Brazil”

Molly Trueblood (Erasmus University Rotterdam), “El Centinela Boricua: Examining the Socioeconomic Effects of the U.S. Military in Fort Buchanan, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico”

Emma van Toorn (Nijmegen), “Faith Floods the Desert. Progressive Religious Activism and the Tucson Sanctuary Movement: 1980s and Present”

Panel 2 – Room 1315.0055

Daniella de Windt (Groningen), “Emancipation and Compensation: Transnational Slaveholder Mindsets on the Dutch Leeward Islands”

Eleanor Pritchard and Manou Jonink (Groningen), “America Through Dutch Eyes: The 19th Century in America as told by the Dutch”

Simeon du Toit (Groningen), “Walt Whitman’s Catalogues and Failed Poetry”

Panel 3 – Room 1313.0342

Sander Ophuis (Groningen), “The Limits of Late Night Liberalism: From The Daily Show to Studio 60 on Sunset Strip

Daan Zeijen (Leiden), “Self-evident but not Self-executing: Comparing the Rhetoric of American Exceptionalism of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden 2007-2017”

Kristi Schmidt (Groningen), “Free Speech on U.S. Campuses”

12.45-14.00                        Lunch (DIY)

14.00-15.15                        Parallel Panel Session 2 (Panels 4, 5, 6)

Panel 4 – Room 1313.0344

Meike Robaard (Groningen), “Cyborg Incorporated: Body Horror, Monstrous Techno-Performativity, and Cyborg Narrativity in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome (1983) and eXistenZ (1999)”

Sandra Becker (Groningen), “Fathers of the Nation: Quality TV’s White Father Protagonists”

Merlijn Broersma (Groningen), “A New People and the Choices They Will Have to Make: Human-AI Cohabitation in HBO’s Westworld

Panel 5 – Room 1313.0316

Joey Verhaar (Groningen), “Beating Around the Bush: Popular Music in the Bush Era”

Tom Meinderts (Leiden), “The Decartelization of Japan: From New Deal Liberalism to Reverse Course Conservatism”

Peter Postma (Leiden), “Post-war Business Planners and the Internationalization of the Netherlands (1929-1949)”

Panel 6 – Room 1315.0055

Maeike van Wie (Groningen), “Trauma not a Trope: Rape in Post-Modern Literature”

Kuljit Dhami (Groningen), “Literary Engagements with Terrorism in DeLillo and Amis”

Janene van Loon (Groningen), “Steinbeck in the Twenty-First Century”

15.15-15.30                         Coffee

15.30-16.45                         Parallel Panel Session 3 (Panels 7, 8, 9)

Panel 7 – Room 1315.0055

Wouter Vijfhuize (KU Leuven), “The Fight for Life: Marcuse and the Politics of the New Left”

Maarten Arnoldus (Groningen), “Skateboarding: A Critical History of Its Standardization”

Hanne Nijtmans (Groningen), “Podcasting Dystopia: Ideology Critique in Welcome to Night Vale and A Night at the Talk House

David Romkes (Groningen), “Queer Politics Online: The Radical Activism of the Online Queer Community’s Battle For Representation”

Panel 8 – Room 1313.0344

Linda van Rooij (Nijmegen), ““I Don’t Dance Now, I Make Money Moves”: Female Representation in Contemporary Commercialized American Hip Hop Music Videos”

Lisa Koks (Amsterdam), “The Mobilization of the Nègres Blancs d’Amérique: Shame and Political Symbolism as a Legitimation of Revolutionary Violence in Quebec (1963-1971)”

Mark Kamps (Groningen), “Black Philanthropy in the United States”

Kai Hopen (Groningen), “Tradition, Innovation, and Hope in Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me

Panel 9 – Room 1313.0316

Anne van der Pas (Nijmegen), “J. W. Pickersgill: An Inclusive Nationalist?”

Zoë Houben (Groningen), “Yet Another Brick in the Wall: How the Trump Administration is Stripping Protection offered to Unaccompanied Child Refugees”

Alexandra Rodriguez (Groningen), “Learning Where I’m Coming From: The Identity Construction of 1.5-Second, and Fourth Generation Migrants of Mexican Descent in Florida”

Aaron Magunna (Groningen), “El Legado Gringo: The Role of US Foreign and Immigration Policy in Initiating and Sustaining Salvadoran Migration to the United States”

16.45-18.00                       Drinks and Snacks in the Weberfoyer

We look forward to seeing you in Groningen