Netherlands American Studies Association


Frank Mehring

Professor of American Studies

Frank Mehring is professor of American Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen. His research focuses on cultural transfer, migration, intermediality, and the function of music in transnational cultural contexts. In 2012, he received the Rob Kroes Award for his monograph The Democratic Gap (2014). His publications include, among others, Sphere Melodies (2003) on the intersection of literature and music in the work of Charles Ives and John Cage, The Soundtrack of Liberation (2015) on WWII sonic diplomacy, Sound and Vision: Intermediality and American Music (2018, with Erik Redling), The Politics and Cultures of Liberation (2018, with Hans Bak and Mathilde Roza), and Islamophobia and Inter/Multimedial Dissensus (2020, with Elena Furlanetto). With Tatiani G. Rapazikou and Stefan L. Brandt, he is the co-founder of the European Digital Studies Network and the online journal AmLit – American Literatures. He organized the first performance of the Marshall Plan opera La Sterlina Dollarosa and co-curated exhibitions on Winold Reiss, Joseph Beuys, the Marshall Plan, and Liberation Songs in Kleve, New York, Nijmegen, and The Hague.